Two Tour Programs

Two tour programs will be offered as follows: 1) spouse tour on July 19 and 20 ($300) and 2) foreign participants and foreigners living in Korea on July 22 (free). Please register through this website through the “booth and individual registration by July 10” menu.

I had a sabbatical in Seoul this year and I had a chance to visit great places in or near Seoul. Pictures from top left to bottom right are: 1) Secrete garden in Seoul city, 2) Hwa Sung Castle in Suwon city, 3) Han-Ok Village in Jeon-Ju city, 4) King’s graveyard in Suwon city, 5) Han River in Cheong-Pyung City, 6) Night Cruise of Han River in Seoul City, 7) Kwang Myung Cave in Kwang Myung City, 8) Seol-Ak Mountains in Sok-Cho City. and 9) Bike Lane along the Han River. Using a KTX bullet train in South Korea, you can go to any place  in less than three hours (i.e., 2.5 hours from Seoul to Busan).  The JW Marriott-Dongdaemun Square conference hotel is connected to the Dongdaemun Traditional Shopping Center, where you can find everything that you need for your family and friends. The hotel is very lose to many tourist attractions such as Dongdaemun, Dongdaemun design center, Namdaemun, many King’s Palaces and more shops.

The following sites have everything you want to know about tours in  Korea.

There are so many tour companies who can arrange tours from a half-day to a full-day. DMZ is a popular destination for visitors.  Please click the link to see some tour options. This tour company show each tour option with a reasonable price.

secret-garden  suwon-palace  hanok-village

king-grave  canoe  img_2594-han-river-boat-tour

img_2317-kwang-myung-cave  img_2620-mountain-tour                  biking-tour-of-yang-pyeong

Yes, I took all these pictures….