Papers/Presentation Theme

2017 MAIREINFRA Conference is composed of thee tracks of themes as shown below.

Track #1: Pavements and Railroad Tracks (International Journal of Pavements)

  • Road and airport pavements and railroad tracks
  • Asphalt, concrete and block pavements and tracks
  • Innovative pavement and track materials and design
  • Pavement and track rehabilitation and quality control
  • Pavement and track evaluation and management
  • Pavement and track maintenance and recycling

 Track #2: Construction Engineering and Management (Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management)

  • Digital project delivery
  • Precast, modular, and accelerated construction and rehabilitation
  • Rail, bridge, road, building condition evaluation
  • Sensors and artificial intelligence for long-term condition monitoring
  • Spatial and temporal modeling of construction/rehabilitation operations
  • Optimizing and financing infrastructure

 Track #3: Disaster Resilience, Safety and Sustainability (ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems Special Collections)

  • Disaster information dissemination and response for infrastructure systems
  • Disaster prevention and reduction strategies for infrastructure systems
  • Modern inspection technology for the disaster resilience of infrastructure systems
  • Disaster resilient maintenance strategies for infrastructure systems
  • Life-cycle analysis and green infrastructure maintenance
  • Sustainability of infrastructure systems
  • Safety of infrastructure systems
  • Infrastructure asset management systems
  • Energy conservation and harvesting from infrastructure systems