Sue Mmcneil_sue-006cNeil is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Urban Planning and Public Affairs at University of Delaware. She is also a Core faculty member in the Disaster Research Center at University of Delaware and Director of the Disaster Science and Management graduate program. Her research and teaching interests focus on transportation infrastructure management.  Her most recent research includes the impact of natural hazards and climate change on physical infrastructure and asset management and the resilience of infrastructure systems to climate change and natural hazards.  She serves as the Editor in Chief of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Journal of Infrastructure Systems, she is an Emeritus member and former chair of the Transportation Research Board Asset Management Committee, and a distinguished member of ASCE.

Presentation Title: Asset Management, Sustainability and Resilience: Connecting the Concepts to Maintenance and Inspection Decisions for Infrastructure Systems

Abstract: As a strategic and systematic process for operating, maintaining and improving physical assets, asset management integrates data, and decision making tools with the overall objectives for delivering infrastructure services. Such objectives include the delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems. The challenge comes in connecting these concepts to decisions, particularly maintenance and inspection decisions. Drawing on a series of case studies that apply measures of resilience and indicators of sustainability to specific investment scenarios, we illustrate the challenges experienced in interpreting the impacts of maintenance and inspection decisions and demonstrate how the asset management framework can connect these concepts.  The results show that different measures and indicators are applicable for different types of decisions.