Myung-Ja Kim is a President of Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and the Chairperson of Korean Business Council on Sustainable Development (KBCSD). She has served as a Minister of Korea Ministry of Environment and a Member of the Korea National Assembly. She had been in academia for three decades as a dean of college of science and a professor of chemistry at Sookmyung Women’s University.  She  received the Presidential Award for the Advancement of Science and Technology, National Medal of Science and Technology called `Changjo-jang’ and Blue Stripes Order of Service Merit. She is an advisor to UN Sustainable Development Solutions Korea Network (SDSN Korea), Korea Academy of Environment Science (KAES), and Sustainable Science Society.


Sang Min Lee is a 4th-term Member of the Korea National Assembly and serves on the Future Planning, Science, Broadcasting and Communications Committee. He have served as  Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.  He also chairs the special committee on Broadcasting Fairness and the special committee on Science, Technology and Future Strategy. Recently, he won the Intellectual Property Award for his contribution to the science & technology fields through his efforts to pass the bills to amend the Civil Procedure Act and the Court Organization Act. He also won the Legislative Award for his contribution to the communication and welfare of the people with hearing impairment by sponsoring the Korean Sign Language Act.



Hong-chul Min a 2nd-term Member of the Korea National Assembly and serves as Vice Chairman of the Land Infrastructure and Transport Committee. He have served as Deputy Floor Leader for the New Politics Alliance for Democracy Party, a Senior Deputy Secretary-General for the Democratic Party and a member of the Special Committee on Improving Human Rights and Reforming Barracks. He was a Chief Judge for the High Court for the Armed Forces.










Tai Sik Lee is a President of the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT), which is a government-sponsored research institute responsible for establishing government policies and performing R&D to enable convenient, safe, and high-quality land development for the nation of Korea. He previously served as a professor and a dean of a graduate school at Hanyang University.  He promoted the international cooperation between Korea and foreign countries and is currently developing mart city, hyperloop and the space construction on the Moon and the Mars.

Plenary Opening Presentation Title: Future Technology in Civil Engineering – Smart City and Space Technology